The Jérôme Meyer’s Domain


Since 1708, the Meyer Domain has passed from father to son, along with know-how, quality of wine growing and respect of the elements.

The Domain

In 1995, after Vincent Meyer died, Jérôme, then aged 15, was still too young to undertake the family vineyards. Thus they have been rented until the crop of 2005.

Jérôme did his best to take advantage of this time. He first started with pursing his accountancy and management courses, then turned to a Viticulture & Oenology HND while working as an apprentice with Vincent Stoeffler (Stoeffler Domain located in Barr) and André Ostertag (Ostertag Domain in Epfig), two famous names in the area.

Jérôme finished his education with a business and wines degree at the Haute Alsace University in Colmar in 2004.

His path is punctuated with contests and awards that account for the quality of his education: in 2002, he wins the 6th place of the vine pruning contest and in 2004, he wins the 2nd place of the Alsace young tasters contest and the 15th of the national contest.

The young winemaker now produces his own wine since the crop of 2006 and carved out a strong hold in the wine industry thanks to the quality of its work and products.

In the vineyards


The domain is made up of 7 hectares of vineyards located in 5 villages (from Dambach-la-Ville to Andlau) in 10-kilometer wide perimeter. Thanks to this diversity, we have several soils at our disposal and we are able to adapt the soil to each grape variety according to the expected result.

Wind growing is decided according to several criteria. We do not seek aesthetics but a final result. Thus it is important to think every action according to the weather, the growth stage of the vineyards and their future needs.

We aim at respecting nature and get the best symbiosis possible between the earth, the sky, the plant and the winemaker.

Reinforcing natural balance and vineyards resistance is our priority. This is why we use as many biological products as we can at homeopathic dosis, as well as natural ground cover and specific soil work.

Our work aims at creating authentic wines, expressing through the original grape variety all the beauty of our region and our grower’s sensibility.

In cellar


In cellar, our philosophy is the same as in our vineyards: hand-picked grapes, soft air pressing and local yeast fermentation enables us to use less oenological products.

We watch fermentation on a daily basis to best control the development of our wines. To turn sugar into alcohol smoothly (16,83 gramsof sugar per litre = 1% of alcohol), the temperature must be maintained between 15 and 25°C. Ageing in wood barrels leads to softer acidity and enhance the flavours.

We limit the use of sulphurs by vinifying in accordance with the wine. Our wines are bred on thin dregs at temperatures under10°C.

Most of the cellar work is linked to the vineyard work. The crop is the raw material that will then glow in bottle. The cellar only reveals the starting potential.

Where to find us

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